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Seeing Carmarthen


The mission of The Xcel Project is to see the local community in Carmarthen thrive by bringing investment and services into Carmarthen. 

"The project has created 39 new jobs".


The Xcel Project aims to draw the local community together empowering the community to support one another both socially and practically.


"We are supported by over 100 wonderful volunteers."

"We have given away over 300 items of clothing,

400 items of furniture and has helped 8,624 local people in crisis since the project began."


Furniture Recycling
Charity Shop

Impacting our environment for the better.

The social aims of the Xcel Project were later complemented by the introduction of environmental aims as we began recycling furniture, clothes and household items.


"Recycled over 10,000 items of furniture and 10,000Kg of clothing."


"Installation of LED lighting and solar panels last year have saved over 3000kg CO2"

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