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Our Story

Starting up the Xcel Project has been a huge adventure! Here you can find out more about how Towy Community Church turned a disused dairy factory into the finished product you see today.

This next video sets out the vision and values for the Xcel Project, when it was still just an idea. Our logo may have changed but our vision and values remain the same today.

Randall, one of our trustees, gives us an imaginary tour of the Xcel Project site in the early days of building.  

Meet Paul, our Xcel Project Manager as he updates us on the building project's progress and then has bit too much fun at Johnstown Carnival with some of our lovely supporters!

Another update on the building project from Paul.

The Xcel Project Centre starts to take shape with floors going in and walls going up! 

Paul gives another update on the build and Santa visits the Xcel Project site delivering presents for Christmas.

The Xcel Bowl control desk is installed and building work continues on the rest of the project.

Paul announces the appointment of Gethin Howells as the manager of Xcel Bowl.

In this next video we Meet Gethin when he had just started as Xcel Bowl manager. And we see the Xcel Project site really start to take shape.

All that's left are finishing touches. The Xcel Bowl sign is installed, projectors are put up in the bowling alley and interviews are held for our new staff team.

After two years of hard work the building project finally finished and Xcel Bowl opened its doors to 300 guest for its official opening night!

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